23 December 2012


The last 48 hours have been an eye opener for me.  This is my third year in England and I love it.  Yet, the more comfortable I get with the country, the more at times, I feel out of place.  And it's not the country's fault, nor mine... it is just the difference in cultures.

This holiday I am realizing that my comfort level can not totally be a relaxed level... again, it is no one's fault... just the different ways that the English do things and the way Americans do things.

I do have a new appreciation for immigrants in every country.  It is no easy task to adapt to another culture when what is acceptable in one culture is consider inappropriate in another.  I'm not giving up, I just need to understand this is their country and as a visitor, it doesn't matter how things are done in America because we are not there.

For some reason, this year I really seem to be struggling with the language.  I know that may seem to be the easiest thing to pick-up but there are some major differences and phrases.

Through my sobriety, I have looked at challenges as a major chance to grow and learn.  And that is how I will approach this phase in my development with England.

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