24 December 2012

News about Sandy Hook in the UK

After the Sandy Hook School shooting, I got to witness how much coverage is given to America on newscasts and newspapers. Many people in England do not own a gun. It isn't impossible to get one but the laws are such that for a “common” person to own one is extremely difficult.

With this mentality with weapons it was hard for the people in England to understand not only what happen but how someone could have the ability to own such weapons.

The Daily Mail is a conservative newspaper and the day after the shooting, they posted these facts about weapons in America...

94,388 – people shot in the USA so far this year (as of 12/15/12)

39 – people killed by firearms in England and Wales over 12 months in 2008/9

190 – people shot in the USA on Saturday alone

11 – is the minimum age in Minnesota to be eligible for a firearms certificate

50 – shots fired by a lone gunman at shopping mall in California a day after the massacre (no one injured)

50% - of guns worldwide are in the USA – but just 5% of global population

231 – people killed in USA mass shootings (four or more dead) since May 2009

95 – shots used by German police in 2011 (including 49 warning shots)

90 – shots used by LA police to kill 19-year-old man after high-speed car chase

300,000,000 – is the number of privately owned firearms in the USA

40% - of gun purchases in the USA do not need background check

10% - of women living in the USA own at least one gun

42 – of the 50 states do not ban or regulate assault rifles

70,000 – women aged 51 to 65 who gained a concealed weapons permit in May 2012

1 – the number of mass murders that have been carried out by women

35 – people were killed by firearms in Australia in a single year

60 – people were killed by firearms in Spain in a single year

9,484 – people killed by firearms in the USA in the same 12 months

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