23 May 2009

Sadly... It's true

It has been a very moving and emotional week for myself. Going back to my roots in AA and seeing old friendly faces and a lot of new ones. Than a couple of nights later going to my new group and celebrating my anniversary with them and I realize how precious every day is and how I have been blessed with a second chance.

But with my second chance, I’ve witness others who get that same chance and throw it away. They go back to their addiction and I realize that there isn’t much I can do. Betty and I had a discussion the other night after an AA meeting. There was a first timer there and Betty couldn’t understand how come everyone didn’t flock around this person after the meeting and offer their support.

We did. We talked about our experience, our strengths, and our hopes during the meeting. The rest was up to that person. It’s sad to say that around the AA tables, I’ve seen so many people walk in for a meeting or two and than disappear. As an alcoholic I have a responsibility to help others when they ask for it. I have a responsibility to offer my support, but I also have a responsibility to my own sobriety.

I can’t be chasing every drunk around trying to keep them sober for the next 24 hours - while they constantly plan their next jump off a cliff.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but those that truly want to recover will come back to another AA meeting. And at every meeting more people will reach out because they’ll know that this person does want to stay sober.

Not only is the person early in recovery walking a tight rope, but so are those that are trying to help them.

This entry was originally posted on Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

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