11 May 2019


I wrote this poem in memory of a lady I met through my ex-wife.  She battled breast cancer for eight years.  Every time she thought she had it kicked, it came back stronger... but she kept fighting until sadly she surrendered and left this world.  To me she was an inspiration as to what people will do for not only themselves but their family and friends.

Some new faces,
While some are no longer here.
Others - seen many times before.
Tonight, we'll forget our fears!
For a little while, we'll forget time.
Relay For Life, will occupy our mind.
For a little while, we'll forget the tragedies.
A celebration! Is all everyone will see.

With the first lap,
Caretakers and friends,
Relive the fight.
Survivors get cheers from everyone.
Memories of surgeries and chemo,
Still fresh in our sight.
And we realize, the battle,
Is still not done.

This war has claimed many lives.
We'll never forget,
The ones who came before.
It was their strength,
That opened new doors.
Their fight, made us a little stronger.
And we'll wait... together...
For a cure...
A little longer...

This poem is on the Purple Power CD

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