10 May 2019

Physical Scars

 Having went through the therapy of mouth cancer, parts of my mouth went through hell.  My neck was burnt red from radiation, my tongue felt like it would break in two, and my teeth starting falling out shortly after completion.  It was the loss of my teeth that damaged my confidence more than anything else...

If you try to see who I am
your eyes can deceive
cancer has disfigured my body
you try to understand
how chemo made me ill
you have empathy
seeing the burns from radiation
while you may have sympathy
you try not to gaze…
at a head… with no hair…

You don’t see my soul
it’s OK, I understand
I live in fear…
of every cough, sniffle, and pain
you can’t see how I strive
to be independent
never a burden
cancer did a lot of things to me
but it didn’t steal
my dignity or grace
it didn’t steal my love
for my children or my spouse
cancer may have changed me
but it will never own me

This poem is part of the Purple Power CD

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