09 November 2015

Who Are You?

From an abusive childhood to an insane present... what is the answer for a peaceful tomorrow?

Who are you?
hiding in the cyber world
writing words…
providing no answers
deciphering thoughts by
reading between the lines
still answers are just an anomaly

so many years in the gutter
destroyed by ones own abuse
a warped mind with distorted visions
living in a world… all alone
a sociopath… a psychopath…
a path with no returns

an outer realm of peace
an inner view to shame
a cool day sitting on a park bench
reliving memories…
screams of the past…
always invade

needing a new life…
with new thoughts
but the old ways…
always say… NO
dreams eventually turn sour
the nightmares? all to real

can a reality be found…
from the panics of the past
and the illusions of the future?
or… is it even possible
without a present?

no longer an innocent child
playing childish games
from the minute we learn to walk
we’re one step closer to our Maker
tick tock… tick tock…
is that the only answer
to make the insanity stop?

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