10 November 2015

The Beauty

This poem was originally written in 2008.  I knew my marriage was over, yet somehow I wondered if a new life could be in my future.  Was it just a fantasy? A dream?  An illusion? Could it ever happen?  The more I thought about it, spiritually, I died a little more every day...

It was written after over a year that I wasn't "touched."  Not sexually, just touched... hugged... anything.  

reality can't top
a special touch
and the kisses we could share
on our own special island
no need for work
or bills to pay
just the two of us

exploring our home
hand in hand
cuddling... comforting
living together
just for each other
no longer fearing
intimate eye contact

a home with no walls
our windows
are the world around us
everything we see is a piece of heaven
everything we feel is a touch of grace

eyes melt before her beauty
moistness of a kiss
quenches the soul
its all part of the home
which is part of the illusion
and they wonder
are their homes the same

they may not share that home
but they share thoughts
intimate thoughts... those feelings
the feelings of secrecy
everyday they die a little bit
a secret they can't acknowledge
an illusion that never will be a reality

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