22 November 2015

Our Home

On 9-11 I began thinking about the history of our nation. I began thinking how we have evolved and where we came from. The Lakota people believed that an age ended when the sun turned black. If I remember correctly, the world would end when the sun turned black for the seventh time. 

 The Sioux believed,
An age of time ended,
When the sun turned black.
It happened during,
That September attack.
A nation cried,
As thousands died.

It was the dawn,
Of an new age.
One filled with outrage!
Heard on the radio,
Seen on TV,
Raining concrete dust,
For all to see.

An anger rose,
Across the nation.
Took pride in America,
What a wonderful sensation!
There was no fright,
Osama - get ready,
For a fight!

people of police and fire,
First heroes known.
After awhile, we knew,
They weren't alone!
In Pennsylvania,
Hijackers stopped,
- by people -
Like you and me,
From attacking D.C.
Pentagon set ablaze.
Soldiers and civilians,
Dead in the maze.
A building of justice,
We had no fear!
American strength,
Rebuilt it in a year.

We found so many heroes,
In planes, buildings,
And towers.
We were so proud,
They gave us their power!
The power to help,
And lend a hand.
To remember,
This is our land.
For this land,
We will fight.
To always keep freedom,
In sight!

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