17 May 2015


did God give us tears if we're not supposed to cry ? 

The release and healing I feel when I cry is indescribable.

Yet, before I 'allow' myself to cry, I resist this very deep human need.

There have been evenings when I have walked up the hill to my home with tears streaming down my face. With each tear, the fear filled exhaustion I had been suffering transforms into one of peace.

Even though nothing has changed, everything has changed, the physical tension and pain somewhat eases and in that  absolute moment, I feel a sense of acceptance, of being loved, and of being held tightly in my Creator's arms. 

Why on earth did God give us Heavenly tears if we're not supposed to cry?  

Blessings, Snowie.


1 comment:

  1. Beautifully said... I look at tears as God's way of cleansing the soul...