28 November 2014

I Admit

The 5th Step of ACOA says that we, “Admitted to God, to our selves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.”

I Admit

I admitted it all to myself
I admitted it to God too
yet He told me there was still more to do

Someone else needed to know
the nature of my wrongs
that day wasn't so long

it started as a young boy
I didn't push the blame
and let go of the shame

you listened without judging
and you didn't walk away
I'll never forget that day

I trusted God which made me trust you
I told you all that I had done
and we talked until the setting sun

By nightfall we were through
a new soul came alive in me
I couldn't wait for the world to see

Shame left and Grace came
humility leads my way
gratitude guides every day

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