17 October 2014

Navel gazing...

Guidance from Eileen Caddy -  the Findhorn Foundation

"Let Yourselves Go and Enjoy Life to the Full
Cease being concerned whether you are growing spiritually or whether you are
 on the right path, or in the right place, or doing the right thing. Cease being self-concerned and simply open your hearts and think of those around you, give to
 those around you, let yourselves go and enjoy life to the full - life in all its
 abundance - all its wonder and glory. Give and give all the time, with never a
 thought of what you can get out of life, for the more you give the more you will
17 October 2014

I love my Daily Meditation from Eileen Caddy.

Today's reading touched on something I have often thought about in relation to spiritual growth. I feel it is all to easy to fall into  the insidious trap of being utterly self obsessed in relation to personal growth. Too easy to become a 'personal growth bore' so to speak. I feel I possibly went through a stage of this during early recovery - however at that time it was likely essential - if not lifesaving. There does come a time though, where I feel a better balance can be struck between constantly seeking to 'grow' and just 'being.'

The persistent questioning of 'am I growing enough?, did I handle that correctly?, am I following my program to the best of my ability?' can be exhausting and I feel lead to self obsession. Not very attractive!


I, I, I, me, me, me...

I feel it can also feed unhealthy perfectionist traits which can simply put even more stress on us and exhaust us even more! 

Today I will try and remember to cut myself some slack and just 'be'.




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