24 February 2014

Less Is More

A simple law that simply states that less is more. That is The Universal Law of Simplicity.

Less Is More

Traded in a ball and chain for fairies wings
a materialistic world left behind
the joys of simplicity fill the void
the weight of the world removed
standing straight... seeing the world for the first time
stress free... peaceful... inside and out

spiritually centered... priceless
not homeless... yet no home
can see the world without a car
ball and chain gone...
no more mortgages or loans
the future is not sold

the past and it debts are paid
and the regrets are put away
for today... needs are met
for today... wants are not desired
goals are made for the future
where tomorrows dreams can come true

the simplicity of it all has been found
no home... more space
no cars... more journeys
no debt... more freedom
no possessions... more life
less is truly more

transients we are
in this world but not of it
no added weight
no added stress
enjoy the view... enjoy the journey
so much more from so much less

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