21 June 2013

No Need To Test

The Law of Repetition states that we will continually repeat tests until we learn and grow from these tests.

A saying that many of us have heard many times during our life is that history does repeat itself. For the alcoholic, we say trying something over and over again looking for different results...

No Need To Test

no one tests me... no one
no human... no god shall test me
there is no need for tests
the test is within
the results are known
the conclusion reached
long before the test is done

history does repeat... if we allow it
the tests will continue
the past will be relived
over and over again
until... until we surrender
until... we admit we are not invisible
until... we accept the test can't be changed
though the result can

to try the same thing
over and over again
looking for a different result... is insanity
it can be stopped
no more testing the test
accept the results
find a new path... a new journey
then the test becomes freedom 


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