21 May 2013

Can You Hear That?

The Law of Quietness states that the most important communications between the greater part of ourselves and our physical sensory mechanism are the quietest.

I love the Silence.  I love the Quiet.  It is through the Silence and the Quiet that I am the closest I can be with my Higher Power.

Can You Hear That?

Listen... can you hear that?
No? Listen closer
Do you hear it? It's beautiful
Silent... peaceful... quiet
Can you hear it now?
Can you understand the silence?
Listen to it

If we're quiet enough
We'll hear a voice in that silence
We may not understand the voice
Not right away
In time though... the silence will speak loudly
Can you hear it?
Listen closely it's there

Clear the mind... make it blank
Blacken the TV
Unplug the radio
Turn off the phone
Perfect silence.... emptiness
Clearness... quietness

It's all there
Waiting to communicate
The wait is over...
When silence comes
Questions are answered
Answers are alive
Thoughts awaken
In the stillness of our mind

Can you hear that?

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