10 March 2013

Sunrise... Across The Pond

A poem I wrote about my adventures from waking up in the plains of America and ending up across the pond in England.

Sunrise... Across the Pond

the alarm buzzed
eyes blinked and a heavy yawn expanded the lungs
totally awake after a hot shower and a cup of coffee
dressed and ready to go

a long day lied ahead
a day that would end when the sun rose again
tickets confirmed... luggage checked... security passed
finally on a plane... let the journey begin

rolling down the runaway
engines roared and the bird hit the sky
a small window showcased a new world
smaller the earth got... until it disappeared under the clouds

all birds that fly must also land
a little rest... a bite to eat and water for thirst
one long flight remained
through the night across the pond the bird flew

when the sun rose
the goal was insight
the end of a journey
and the beginning of a new one

eyes heavy but energy came from excitement
the Old World was new again
familiar sights was a welcome home
a tourist became a citizen

crumpets... the canal... cheers
no sheets... a duvet
the milkman... an ice cream truck
a step back in time

Liverpool... Manchester... London
now eyes awaken to a morning mist
a home across the pond

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