25 November 2012

The Law of Serendipity

The Seventeenth Law of the Universe is The Law of Serendipity which states that the Universe bends in our direction by providing us with seemingly accidental and unexpected fortuitous circumstances which we call good luck.

Modern guru's have changed this law into the law of attraction. Personally I like the name Serendipity better. It makes me feel like I am one with the Universe. That my needs are met and when needed the Universe will help me meet those needs.

It was a couple of years ago that this Law really came into play for me. At the time, I had an old laptop... nearly 15 years old. It was slow and more times then not it would either freeze or crash. It was to the point that even fixing it wasn't worth it. I finally just quit using it and relied totally on my tower.

I wanted to get a new one or a good used one, but money at that time was very tight and I just couldn't justify the expense for one. I finally began to realize that I may have to wait for a year or so before I could just “throw” some money towards this purchase.

When I came to this conclusion is when the Universe started working for me.

First I had an unexpected sale of some CD's. Then I won a cash reward from my employer. This all happened in a span of two days, by the end of that second day, I was walking to an AA meeting, when I saw laying on the sidewalk was a $20 bill. Amazing. Good luck? Coincidence? Maybe. A dear friend once said to me that there is to much coincidence to be a coincidence.

With this sudden influx of money I now had a little over half the cost for a laptop. I was also now able to justify the remaining balance with my own money and did indeed purchase a laptop.

The Law of Serendipity is constantly at work if we look for it and recognize it.

This past summer, I had a guest who stayed with me for a couple of weeks. We traveled a lot in my old car. A car that was mechanically sound but I was concerned about the tires. Well the tires didn't let us down. They stayed on the road and got us where we needed to go.

Two days after my guest left, I had a flat and was told that all my tires were shot and I was driving on borrowed time with those tires. I had them changed that day and as I waited I thanked my Higher Power for keeping us safe during our visit and got my guest back home safely before the tires finally gave out.

Yes it was Serendipity that helped us have an enjoyable visit...


  1. The Seventeenth Law of the Universe, what are others...

  2. You can find all of The Laws on my website. www.daveharm.com

  3. where can I get a list of the Universal Laws, as Serendipity is number 17.

  4. thank you. I just saw your reply after I published, after Google verified me!! Thanks!!

  5. You can visit www.daveharm.com. - a list of all the laws can be found there...

  6. This has to be the absolute worst "evidence" for the so-called (but most definitely NOT) "Law" of Attraction/Serendipity. People, simply focusing on what you want and merely looking for opportunities is not going to make it happen. That's just New Age "woo woo" nonsense. Now, that isn't to say that maintaining focus and always watching for opportunities isn't advantageous. It certainly is. In fact, it is vital to success. But not because of some mystical force that somehow bends to your will just because you really need a new pair of shoes, or aren't able to pay the rent, or whatever. Yes, fortune will sometimes find you and save you at the final hour. But often it will not. When it does, it isn't due to your willpower or anything else along those lines. Nor is your "Chakra" aligned in a way that strengthens your connection to nature, or makes you healthier, or anything else. The closest you will come to anything that could resemble that, according to all scientific data, is meditation. No, there's nothing mystical about it. Yes, it has incredible benefits. They are, however, all rooted in science. Not spiritual mumbo jumbo. Remember the basis of PEARLism and you will never have to worry about falling for any other sorts of BS: Proof, Evidence, and Reasoned Logic. We use these things in every other area of our lives (when paying bills, needing surgery, fixing our car, etc), so why forgo them when it comes to this one other area? Because the questions are hard and the answers, frustratingly, elude us? Let us not forget that was every area of science at some point in time. There is nothing wrong with saying, "I don't know." It certainly doesn't mean you have to make up answers for the questions.

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