03 February 2012

Our World Of Love

In 2006 I began to see that what I thought was love was in fact a codependent relationship... I also began to dream about what love "really" was all about.

Our World Of Love

we can make love then cuddle
we can dance… then snuggle…
in our own little worlds
we forget what made us one
and the simple joy of having fun

tender kisses in the park
doing more in the dark
laying our bodies on the grass
a little fear but clothes come off
caressing your body
so gentle… so soft…

the moonlight helps me see
the goddess laying next to me
a world that’s ours alone
inhaling the fresh air
feeling God’s loving stare

peaceful and not rushed
sensual excitement
with every movement… every touch
we became one that night
even in the darkness
we were covered in loving light

refreshed… relaxed… renewed…
our bodies glistened
laying side by side…
no shame in being vulnerable
no shame in being exposed

our bodies offer an aura
as we count the stars
off in the distance
the lights of the city
let us know this world is ours

throughout the night
we make love
as the sun comes up
we return to another world
clothes once again cover us

we leave holding hands
and we smile knowing
there is a world
waiting for us to return

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  1. Thoughts from Authors Den...

    Reviewed by Aleja Bennett 6/19/2006

    Reviewed by Chrissy McVay 6/16/2006
    What a wonderful poem!

    Reviewed by Birgit and Roger Pratcher 6/16/2006
    A wonderful expression on the joy of love,

    Reviewed by Regis Auffray 6/16/2006
    Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Dave; don't you think? Thank you for sharing this loving offering. Love and peace to you,

    Reviewed by George Jackson 6/15/2006
    Hiya, Dave. Liked this a lot.

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 6/15/2006
    Sensual but more then that this poem expresses love of two people and the beauty of that love. Well done.