14 December 2011


I thought I was adjusted to the time change and maybe not so fast David! It has hit me a little harder this year... last year I did have four days to relax before the first flight... this time I had one day and was exhausted even before I got on the plane.

I think a combination of both has me catching up on a ton of sleep... we did go to Romiley... a quaint little village and I easily found my way around... everything was exactly where I remembered it.

On a side note... my biggest fear was that the pain I had in Nebraska the last three or four months in my back and left leg would slow me down. It has... yet I am getting around. I did manage to create a new pain though. lol

Last night, we were relaxing and watching a movie. I went and got a cup of coffee and when I returned I walked into the side of the fireplace mantel and I think I broke my pinky toe... yup... on my left foot... lol...

It is amazing, that little toe has made me totally forget about my back and leg...


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