13 December 2011

Aaaaah... catching up on sleep

I remembered from last year how to get over jet lag and did the same thing this year. Sunday, my day started at 5 AM and when I arrived in England it was 9 AM Monday, which was 3 AM in Nebraska.

I stayed up till noon which meant I was awake for 25 hours... I took a two hour nap... got up and we ate and watched a movie till 10 PM... then I slept like a rock.

I was groggy in the morning but no jet lag and my vacation has begun. Went to Stocpkport and I remembered my way around quite well. It was a wonderful day... kind of windy and still very nice. Grass is green and flowers are blooming... it still shocks me to see it and see how green it is for being the middle of December.

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