29 December 2011

oh drats...

As my last week in England is now half over, I'm getting a little melancholy wishing I either had more time or that America and England were a little closer together. As our time together once again is nearing a conclusion, we are spending less time exploring and sight seeing and just enjoying the simple things of being together.

I do know I feel right at home here. There were a few times where I was left alone because of previous work agreements Karen had made and I got along great. I didn't get lost or lose any toes or hurt my leg anymore then it has been hurting. LOL

On Friday at 8:30 PM England time, I will be finding ESPN on the Internet and introducing Karen to American Football as Iowa State will be playing their bowl game in Yankee Stadium.

A stadium, that is no more then a half-hour from my childhood home and the first time Iowa State is playing in it, I will watch it from over 3,500 miles away...

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