31 December 2011

New Years Eve

Well, in Nebraska it is just nearing 11 AM... here in England we are close to having dinner... or as we say in the Midwest - supper. It is nearly 5 PM and after that we will start getting ready for a relaxing evening. We will end it shortly before midnight with a walk and we will light a chinese lantern and launch it into the night sky and watch it float away... with it will float away the memories of 2011 and as we watch it we will also be thinking about 2012.

I am kind of excited for the new year... some projects will hopefully be completed and some personal issues for me will also be resolved... like getting new glasses and getting back into the dentist.

I started this journey with a very sore and tender back and leg and after three weeks the limp is gone and while I'm not a 100% I feel a whole lot better. The secret? A back swing.

They are a miracle. I got on one about a week ago and have been using it two or three times a day and it just has made a world of difference. So much so, that I ordered one from here and it should arrive shortly after I arrive back in Nebraska...

Well time to go and eat dinner... Happy New Year to everyone... Love and Peace

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