08 December 2011


Oh boy, a lot of truth in these words. A child grows up in a home of abuse and addiction and somehow believes they can escape it in their own life.

But if dysfunction is all they know - how can they live a "normal healthy life"?

My past, from childhood (growing up in a dysfunctional home), to my own addictive ways and dysfunctional relationships haunted me for many years.


He said he remembered the nightmares
of a childhood... best forgotten
promises made never
to be an alcoholic
or abuse my wife... or kids

She said I'll never marry someone like you
it will be easy because
my husband will love me
he'll love the kids
and we'll be the perfect family

And I wondered how
they would accomplish this feat
given they had no idea
what "normal" was
or how sick they were

Than I saw my daughter
with black eyes and a drunk husband
and I watched my son's wife
become a crack whore
yet both children lived in a fantasy
that their marriage was perfect

Their words filled with venom
spitting anger and rage at me
for a past they couldn't let go
which filled the present
and they thought the insanity was normal

There was nothing I could do
except walk away
praying... that someday...
they'll see the enemy no longer is me
but found in the mirror

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  1. Comments from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Louisa Dobbins 5/28/2009
    I agree with Deborah Munson: When you live with a spouse who tried to conceal this problem it hurts when they have to go and leave you broken hearted. All you can do is pray for him (and cry sometimes).
    Great work Dave Harm!

    Reviewed by Karen Palumbo 4/21/2008
    Very creative and heartfelt write and YES, you can break the tide of a dysfunctional family, I know, I succeeded a long time ago. See, no matter how down, difficult and impossible it may seem you CAN do it....

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 4/20/2008
    Stark and reality check this poem says a lot about the state of abuse and abusers, I hope the cycle can be broken for your children's sake.

    Reviewed by Jackie (Micke) Jinks 4/20/2008
    Is it the familial cycle, or not admitting to broken dreams? Either one, lives can sadly spin out of control. An eye-opener poem, Dave.

    Reviewed by Deborah Munson (Reader) 4/20/2008
    Generational Curse, chains we are bounded by. Only hope is the Breaker of Chains and Curses who promises to set us free and transform our minds.