08 December 2011

Survival said "tell"

I've seen to much pain in my life to let a silent segment of our society go unrecognized. If you know of someone being abused please call someone and stop the pain. It's a gift that everyone will recognize down the road.

Survival Said "Tell"

the bedroom didn’t bring sanctity or security
replaced with a fear… of feeling…
fear… of confusion
pretending to be asleep… frozen
couldn’t move… you’re unwilling puppet
to touches not wanted

it had to be a dream
because no one would believe the story
no one listened… and thoughts
that no one cared
but those nightmares never went away

even with your death
it lived on with memories
relief found in a bottle and a needle
until a choice had to be made
suicide… or pain

it took years to get to that point
filled with destruction and abuse
both given and received
a past life had to die
so a new life could begin

it took time… but forgiveness came
then sadness and remorse…
but no regrets…
survival said – “tell”

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