28 November 2011

We Were Family

A lifetime has taught me that even though two people share the same blood it doesn't necessarily mean they are family. Many dysfunctional kids grow up alone and on their own... it is just easier that way...

We Were Family

Twenty plus years,
Barely an hello.
What went wrong,
What made us enemies?
Yes, we have our families,
But isn't there room,
For a lonely brother?

We sit in isolated corners,
Your fault - his fault.
If it was mine,
You'd never know,
My pride wouldn't let me.

The shame, the guilt, runs deep.
Nieces, nephews, I'll never know.
Only one has seen my daughter,
But that was ten years ago.

Will I go to a funeral,
Look at a brother, I never knew?
Its been to long,
To know why the silence,
And the hatred remain.

What were the last words said?
Excuse me, I don't remember you,
Do you remember me?
I'm the baby of this lost family.

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  1. thoughts from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Sue Hess 10/18/2004
    time is too short...try to make peace

    Reviewed by Judy Lloyd (Reader) 10/18/2004
    Poem reminds me of relationships for which we ask that questions. We have family reunions in our family in Virginia but I wonder about my family sometimes strangers are less judgemental than family. No one should throw stones. Judy

    Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 10/18/2004
    o, you could have penned my family history with this powerful write--i've got two sisters and a brother i haven't seen in YEARS...i wish the two older sisters and brother were close, but we were never close... especially after painful things were said and done after my mother died 14 years ago. i've forgiven them, but the pain still lingers *tears* powerful write that hit waaaaaaaaaay too close--thank you for allowing me to read this one--it's vitally important you share this message, before it is too late

    Reviewed by Sandie Angel 10/18/2004
    There is always one in the family. My brother in Australia never made his way to my Dad's funeral. Every family has one of this.