24 November 2011

Do You Care About Me?

An acrostic poem... you take the first letter of every line to find another message...

Do You Care About Me?

Will they ever stop yelling?
How did this happen?
Your fighting has hurt me.

Dad do you love Mom?
Odd that I have to ask.
Everyone knows you do,
So, please tell her "I love you."

Mom do you love Dad?
Odd that I have to ask.
Many days, you both watched me.
Many nights, I slept in comfort.
You're my Mom and Dad.

Any way I look at it,
No medical treatment will help,
Deep inside, I hurt.

Daddy, why do you drink?
And Mommy, why do you yell?
Don't you care about me?
Damn, I know I'm a baby,
Yet I understand.

Forgive me, if I'm cranky.
I'm doing the best I can.
Give me back my comfort
Having Mommy and Daddy,
Together, as a family, again.


  1. Some thoughts from Authors Den...

    Reviewed by A Serviceable Villain 5/4/2005
    Deeply moving, heartfelt write ... wonderful!!

    Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 4/19/2005
    I don't know how I almost missed this shattering write--o, did it bring back memories of my own parents fighting. Although rare, they did have their arguements...I used to cry and think they were going to get a divorce...thank God, they stayed together until death did them part.

    Powerful, powerful poem that every one contemplating having children and/or getting married should be required to memorize.

    Reviewed by Regis Auffray 4/16/2005
    I am an educator in a high school and it is not hard to pick the children (albeit young adults) who suffer from what you describe in this poem. Sadly true. Thank you, Dave. Love and peace. Regis

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 4/10/2005
    Wow Dave this touches very deep....but will not dare to share it with hubby again...like I did on our wedding day...asking him to stop!!

    I will carry this deep in my heart and remember when I yell again!!

    Reviewed by Jerry Bolton (Reader) 4/10/2005
    Yep. Unfortunately it is the kids who REALLY hurt. It's a damn wonder any of us grow up with a lick of sense.

    Reviewed by Bhuwan Thapaliya 4/10/2005
    Profound write with powerful message....this should be plastered in the wall to make the adults understand....love n luck....BHUWAN!!!

    Reviewed by jude forese 4/10/2005
    powerful message!

    Reviewed by Mr. Ed 4/10/2005
    Damn, I know I'm a baby,
    Yet I understand.

    This truly is a message that many adults need to understand, and you've penned it very well, Dave.

  2. A few more from Authors Den...

    Reviewed by D May (Reader) 4/10/2005
    Dave--wow, the impact of this is felt like a swift punch to the gut. Well written with such a powerful message.

    Reviewed by Robin Labenberg 4/10/2005
    wow..The format was original and the content heart breaking...excellent!!

    Reviewed by L. Figgins 4/10/2005
    Grabs the heart and squeezes tight, the pain is palpable. Bless the beasts and the children...

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 4/9/2005
    Very cleverly crafted to wrench the heart! The simplicity
    of it really hits home Dave!Well done!

    Reviewed by Linda Hill 4/9/2005
    Dave, this is superb! You know I also write for the little children. Parents don't always realize what the fighting does to the children. The children grow up and marry..and they fight. It's a cycle. Awesome write Dave.

    Reviewed by Retta (Reindeer) Mckenzie 4/9/2005
    This is just heart-breaking, and so true, excellently expressed, if they only knew..