21 November 2011

Crumpets, Muffins, and Memories

I wrote this poem after my return from my holiday vacation in England. It was kind of a thank you note to my wonderful hostess Karen.

To anyone thinking of a European vacation... make some time to see England... it was a wonderful time in a beautiful country...

Crumpets, Muffins, and Memories

A blank screen… an empty mind
Fingers bounce on the keyboard
What will they find?

Maybe words about a meow and purr
Coming from a cat named LuLu
With her soft shiny fur

Or fireworks on New Years Eve
Peaceful and serene… so many colors
I didn’t want to leave

December is what the calendar said
But no snow could be found
Just green grass and bright sky overhead

Liverpool… What else can I say
So much glorious history
Smiling ear to ear… all day

a canal with clear calm water
dogs on a walk… ducks waiting for bread
just me and their lovely daughter

time flew by as we talked…
we giggled and laughed
never got tired with our long walks

been back a month… just want to cry
I seen her smile and her beautiful eyes
she’s a part of me… deep inside

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