16 September 2011

I Made It !!!

Close to ten hours of driving but I made it... pulled in about 5:15 PM... a long trip but actually quite enjoyable. Riding through the hills and then the valleys... going over bridges that were four or five hundred feet in the air and then going through a mountain... a very relaxing and enjoyable ride.

I don't know if mapquest wanted to send me on a scenic tour but that is how my journey ended. The last 45 miles I was in a national forest with roads making U-turns and then dropping straight down... I think that road was the original roller coaster.

Going home I will take it again and this time, not being in a hurry to get here I hope to just take my time and maybe do some exploring.

Anyway, tomorrow is "tour day" and getting to meet all the fine folk that invited me down here.

I really feel quite humbled by it all. I have been treated like royalty...

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