09 June 2011


The sad part with addictions is the aftermath. For over 20 years I had no contact with my birth family.

I missed the birth (and growth) of two nieces and four nephews.

A couple of summers ago, I returned to my roots and met two of my three brothers. Yeah, we share the same blood but very little else.

A lifetime of memories gone forever. The third brother? 23 years with no eye-to-eye contact and growing.

cuddled in the comfort of a bed
covered with warm blankets
in the peace of silence
dreams come before sleep
feeling a Presence
sleeping alone
but not lonely

sleep brings a world to life
unimaginable when awake
a nirvana shared only by oneself
yet... yearning to bring it to life
I wonder is this dream
really... His reality

surrounded by love
sharing in the lives of family
though on different paths
coming together...
from memories of a past
begging to come back to life

not alone... but at times... lonely
for a part of the past
which wasn't all that bad
before the wars... before addiction
I shed a tear tonight
for a dream... I doubt
will ever become reality

to spend a day... or two...
with the family of my birth
no schedules... no timelines
burying the past... and just...
just... getting to know each other
maybe for the first time

in the comfort of my bed
I still dream

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  1. From "authors den"

    Reviewed by Cynthia Buhain-Baello 9/16/2008
    Hello Dave,

    The anguish of being alone after a long separation are expressed in these lines but words like "the Presence" and "His Reality" reflect hope, though somewhat vague. A yearning for "roots'

    (family) is natural in all of us, but lost time cannot be regained.

    The future is yours, "in the comfort of my bed I still dream" marks

    another phase for you. Make it reality.


    Reviewed by Sara Coslett 9/12/2008
    Dave, if you dwell on the times you've missed, you will miss the times available to you in both the now and what is ahead. Don't look back too much, for the past has a way of paralyzing us. The future always has the greatest potential because it is unknown.

    Best regards,

    Reviewed by Edwin Hurdle 9/12/2008
    Hey Dave,thank you for sharing this poem.I can feel the pain and the emotion in it.I can only imagine how you feel when you haven't seen your birth family in 20 years.It is terrible when you can't have a close relationship with them.I know you are staying strong somehow.Take care of yourself