14 June 2011

Daddy Left

In a dysfunctional family, some members of that family believe when the "problem" is removed everything will be back to normal.

They have a hard time accepting that they too have been affected.

Daddy Left

we cheered when he left
no more screaming…
no more hitting…
his insanity… left
with daddy gone
our dream family would be born

for the first time
brothers, sisters, and mom
would be happy
but something was wrong
daddy left… but we still fought

a sister stabbed me in the back
for her own selfish gains
another sister was a best friend
and a worst enemy
my brothers… violent drunks
just like daddy

so frustrated with mommy
her new lover
was worse than daddy
we got rid of a drunk
and she gave us a meth freak

he beats mom
and now she uses speed
so pretty when daddy left
now at 47… she looks like death
a walking skeleton

what happened to our dream
we heard daddy quit drinking
he changed his life
why did he leave us
now we hate him more

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  1. Thoughts from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Linda Settles 5/17/2009
    So sad, the disappointment sustained by a child who thought life would be better in the absence of certain pain--only to find that pain often waits in line and you can't see the second until the first is gone. Layers--this is the nature of a survivors life. It is multilayered and full of surprises, not always good. Our mission is to find goodness wherever it exists and expose it to the world. Remember that darkness is not bad, it is simply the absence of light. You are a light-bearer, Dave. Sorry, I didn't mean to start philosiphizing but this poem got me going in that direction. :-) Lots of deep emotions in this poem, Dave, well expressed.

    Reviewed by Edwin Hurdle 4/8/2009
    Excellent poem,take care


    Reviewed by Poetess Of The Heart La Belle Rouge 3/12/2009
    So astute Dave, yes the harm remains to be dealt with individually. Well penned, deeply moving and thought provoking.

    Reviewed by Christine Alwin 3/9/2009
    It is hard to imagine this....my heart bleeds to think one has to endure such pain...May yours make you stronger and better because of it.

    Reviewed by Karen Palumbo 3/8/2009
    Such a sad and unwelcomed part of reality and the many who become affected because of it. I am so very sorry......

    Be always safe,

    Reviewed by Marcia Miller-Twiford 3/8/2009
    The damage was done no matter that he left. Great write Dave and sadly so true of so many.

    Reviewed by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri 3/8/2009
    Davethis touched me. sad but true for many. thank god it was not true for me. dave you do very good recovery work