04 June 2011

The Battles Lost... The War Won

Awhile back a lady from upstate New York e-mailed me a request. She wanted to know if I had ever written a poem about an alcoholic going to heaven, since they had already spent their time in hell.

She shared with me that most of her life she could only remember her brother as a drunk. That is until recently. Her brother passed away - sober. Four years sober!

This is the poem I came up with for her.

The Battles Lost... The War Won

he fought a battle he could never win
a vicious cycle he was in
he tried many ways to stay in control
but eventually alcohol would take its toll

loss of friends and family
he was blind to what they’d see
no longer able to play his games
he was alone… filled with shame

pride was gone when surrender came
after that his life was never the same
he began to smile again
and made amends to long lost friends

he was grateful for what he believed
a Higher Power he would receive
as best he could he dealt with the past
and found humility… at long last

he was spiritually sound
when he was laid in the ground
his mind was crystal clear
when he awoke… shedding tears

the sky was bright…
when he saw a figure in the light
he fell to his knees
pleading for forgiveness… please

“Stand up, my son,
your battle is done.”
“You have won your war,
come on through Heaven’s door.”

“You died sober and have been blessed,
it’s time to enjoy your eternal rest.”
“Forget the Hell you’ve been through,
because, My child, I’ve always loved you.”


  1. Thoughts from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Michelle Mead 8/17/2008
    This brings memories of heartaches back to me. I have a brother in recovery, thank God, and i have heard similiar stories as this in the meetings i went to for him. thanks for drawing attention to this subject, blessings, Michelle

    Reviewed by Chantilly Lace 8/13/2008
    Great writing,enjoyed...stay safe and well...Hugs

    Reviewed by Keith Rowley 8/12/2008
    Excellent! And what a blessing for the lady in question. Great flow, rhyme and meter. Good work.

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 8/11/2008
    Very well done and no doubt a great answer to her question and also made her feel better I bet.

    Reviewed by Christine Alwin 8/11/2008
    He won a difficult battle, one that too many are fighting today,, may all conquer as he did,,,he is an inpiration as is your poem.

    Reviewed by JASMIN HORST SEILER 8/11/2008
    Yes so many forget, by the Grace of God, ... for in the end we are all one. Blessings! Jasmin Horst

  2. How beautifully comforting this poem is. A beautiful concept and beautifully expressed - thank you.