02 May 2011

The Death Of Need

The seventh step of CODA says, “Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.” This step showed me how needy I had become. I needed to be the hero, the savior. I needed love and respect. I needed everything except a Higher Power.

Now I was ready to quit being needy and start "wanting." First, I wanted God in my life. With this I would begin to trust my instincts. Than I wanted love. And the first love I wanted was my own. That as a child of God - I was OK.

The Death Of Need

my name is need
I need to fix and repair
I need to protect you
I need for you... to need me

fulfilling my need
made picket fences white
a home of bliss
just a perfect family

need... the need to show
your beauty... my prize
need... to know you're mine
in bed and out

need... to keep you pain free
an innocent child
sheltered from responsibility
need to have your actions be mine

my needs never knew
your name was also need
your need... came from mine
your power... came from my need

I killed need... and want was born
I wanted us to grow together
but needs and wants
can't live together

I wanted you to want me
and cried when I was shown
you needed me to need you
but I wanted more

I wanted companionship
I wanted love
and I'd start this dream
by wanting my God

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  1. Thoughts from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Linda Hill 9/11/2008
    Powerful write, Dave. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Many blessings,

    Reviewed by Barbara Smith 7/7/2008
    Dave, many people walk in shoes just as this poem states but when they find Someone Greater is out there to rescue them, their life does change. Thanks for sharing such an honest writing.

    Reviewed by Regis Auffray 7/6/2008
    A powerful and honest testimonial, Dave. Thanks for sharing. Love and peace to you,


    Reviewed by Romantic Poetry 7/6/2008
    This is a most open write about many of us, and the truest deepest need is indeed the higher power which can handle all things for us even though we ourselves may not understand
    Embraced ~ Embrassé

    Reviewed by Edwin Hurdle 7/6/2008
    I enjoy reading this poem.I agree when you said that needs and wants can't live together.I like the ending int erms of you saying "I wanted love and I'd start this dream by wanting God".All of us need him in our lives to become better human beings and spiritual creatures.keep up the good work,take care