27 April 2011

Superficial Power

Step Two of CODA states, "Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."

Superficial Power

the power you had over me
everyone could see...
both figuratively and literally
it was a weapon
you used well
to control and to keep
others on a leash
waiting for the words
they believed they wanted to hear
"I love you"... or...
"you're the only one"

this power grew on our jealously
your body... supplied our wants
and it was your body that filled your needs
when the blindfold was lifted
a sense of shame and stupidity
broke my spirit
love was a lie
built upon selfish needs
so much energy... wasted
on proving my love

the soul was broken
the heart was destroyed
I needed to be fixed
I found a new sense of loneliness
and I believed... I had to believe
that a Power greater than myself
could restore me to sanity

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  1. comments from "authors Den"

    Reviewed by Karen Palumbo 2/11/2008
    A sort of invisible trap we all sometimes fall into, but when the light is finally seen how we soar, beautifully done.......

    Reviewed by Chantilly Lace 2/10/2008
    Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy