30 April 2011

Second Chances

Shortly after my birth I was fed from a bottle. I fell in love with that bottle and carried that bottle into my adulthood. The bottle may have changed and its contents may have changed, but it brought me comfort and peace.

Eventually to achieve that comfort and peace I hurt others. What was at first a security blanket began to smother me with its neediness and constant demands for another bottle and another and another...

Today, the bottle has a cork in it and by the Grace of God, I don't need it for comfort and peace...

Second Chances

first a bottle to nurse
it taught me comfort
then that bottle became a curse

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Living within me
Fighting… deep inside

I did things that I regret
You may have forgave
But I’ll never forget

For years I lived with the shame
I remember your hurt
Your anger… your pain

Evil words came from my mouth
Now when I say, “I love you”
I know you have doubts

All I can do is stay sober today
The time will come
You’ll quit running away

My Higher Power will guide me
I will look for messages
And His beauty I will see

No longer insane or wild
I view with wonderment
Through the eyes of a child

A fool is a man who can not cry
It doesn’t make him stronger
There is no courage in living a lie

It may take a little longer
But on my knees
I am getting stronger

Stronger everyday
I listen to you
And I’m learning a new way

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