13 April 2011

Recovery is a choice

The 9th Promise of ACOA says, "Healthy boundaries and limits will become easier for us to set."

Recovery Is A Choice

How will I take it
What choices do I have
Whatever I choose the choice is mine
To look at the past
Or see a future where the past has no say

With strength and courage
Fear has no home
With strength from above
I never dreamed I was this strong

Attacked as a child
And it shut me down… for a little while
I drank to much… did to many drugs
But I didn’t want to stop…
First it was done in spite
Then I couldn't quit

When I screamed “Help me”
I was never alone again
There was nothing I couldn’t do…
If I can dream it… I can do it
Physical sobriety… emotional sobriety
Gave me the power of faith… of dreams

For so long I lived in the nightmares
The shame… the anger… the resentments…
Even the pity… they were me.

I haven’t really changed… but my attitude has.
Half my life… I was defeated… no future… nothing
But now it is my choice to stay that way or move forward
I choose to move forward… on a journey of hopes and dreams

Epictetus said, “It’s not what happens to you,

But how you react to it that matters.”
Today, I chose to live the dream
The dream of what might be
Not the nightmare of what was

Nothing would change… unless I did
Today I choose to leave the past behind

To take that leap of faith
To be open… to be vulnerable
The choice is mine… and I thank God
That today I choose life… over death

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