12 April 2011

Dreaming of responsible love...

The 8th Promise of ACOA is "We will chose to love people who can love and be responsible for themselves."

Dreaming Of Responsible Love

I thought I fell in love
But my views were distorted
I thought love meant being one
In all places… and all things

I thought your happiness
Was my happiness
Your sadness… was because of me
My quest? To keep you happy

This distorted love
Made me hate myself
I lost my soul
Trying to please you

The more I tried to please
The harder it was to achieve
I kept giving… giving… giving
Until… I was bankrupt

I’ll try again
I want love… I want to feel its beauty
But the choice will change
Love built upon responsibility

My actions will be mine
Her actions will be hers
Love will be supportive
Not boastful or arrogant

Together we will still be individuals
Apart we will still be one
We’ll grow closer
Love built on responsibility will be our guide

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    Reviewed by Yandiswa Molose 8/16/2010
    Great Dave, Give Love and U will get Love

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