01 April 2011

Trusting Others

The fifth step of AA says, "Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs."

“Trusting Others” is more than a name of a poem. It is a valuable lesson that needs to be learned when a person is in recovery. In my active days, I didn't trust anyone. Why should I? I didn't trust myself. My first major decision in recovery was trying to find that right person to trust - 100% - with the intimate details with the wrongs I had inflicted on others. It was not an easy decision and one I didn't just "jump into."

But when that decision was finally made and I completed my fifth step, I knew I still had the power in me to make healthy choices. I had the ability to trust... and with that... I also became trustworthy.

Trusting Others

a step into the unknown
a step into an… experience
with the new and unexplored
with a Being… I couldn’t comprehend
nor quite understand

with uncertainty around feelings
was told to… trust
easier said then done
against everything I stood for
against everything I practiced

a way of life… had to die
so a new way… could begin
I had to trust… first my Friend
and His guidance…
to help with my instincts

a choice had to be made
the biggest choice…
in early recovery
to tell another human
the nature of my wrongs

to talk… for the first time
honestly and openly
with no excuses… or reasons
why friendships were ruined
and love destroyed

didn’t know what to expect
but if instincts were correct
He would be… by my side
giving me strength and courage
to let it all go

more importantly though
He would also…
be by the other person’s side
when done… acceptance
love and forgiveness
would light the way

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