01 April 2011

I'm Tired

Six years ago, I knew my marriage was over... though I still tried for another five years to make it work. This poem hit a chord with many people... from the alcoholic and addict to those folks at the end of their ropes... over forty people left comments about this poem... a poem I truly wrote from my heart... The only intro I gave to it was Not on a "pity-pot," nor ranting or venting... I'm just tired


I’m tired of being misunderstood,
nerves are shot,
weak – like old wood.

I’m tired of being ill,
no energy, can’t think,
losing my skills.

I’m tired of so-called friends,
stabbing me in the back,
again and again.

I’m tired of trying to make things right,
i give up – I surrender,
no will to fight.

I’m tired of seeing others in pain,
raises frustration,
drives me insane.

I’m tired of not being able to cry,
i’d melt away,
nothing left inside.

I’m tired because I can’t feel,
walking in a daze – numb
this can’t be real.

I’m tired of being “strong,”
i’m weak, i’m fragile,
its gone on way to long.

I don’t know what else to say,
i’m hoping, i’m dreaming,
i’m begging, i’m pleading,
please, take this feeling away.

Right now… I’m just tired…


  1. Comments over a span of six years from Authors Den... the last ten

    Reviewed by karen jane 3/8/2011
    This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. It truly touches my soul. It is so heartwrenchingly sad yet so beautiful.

    Reviewed by Christine Tsen 6/1/2010
    Poetry is so good for the soul. I feel much empathy, and it is a terrific poem!

    Reviewed by Paul Judges 5/31/2010
    Hope you feel less tired soon, Dave....good poem

    Reviewed by Raquel Gallegos 4/20/2010 I'm tired too! I have said all the above things in my head. Great to see in words. Great write.

    Reviewed by Carol Mitchell 10/31/2009 Hang in there for we are all tired of something! Life is unpredictable; sometimes things are good; and often more bad we just have to go through it and hope. Good luck to you.

    Reviewed by Patrick Granfors 8/31/2009 I'd suggest a long vacation with a little of what the flying fox is having.

    Reviewed by Loay Ragheb 8/2/2009
    You reflect unto the world exactly how you feel inside. Change from within and accept 100% responsibility for it all .. forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness and offer gratitude at every juncture and you will heal

    Reviewed by Lori Moore 7/20/2009
    Good reasons to be tired. Enjoyed.

    Reviewed by Holly Christine 5/4/2009 I understand. Like a bad day, that keeps getting worse. You come home, vent. Like releasing the heavy cargo from your mind. Well done!

    Reviewed by Dawn Anderson 3/20/2009 Honest, open...so well expressed.

  2. Another ten...

    Reviewed by 000 000 2/20/2009 Now that you have cleared your mind...start over. You have the right to be tired, but it appears the world does not allow it. Whenever you feel distraught... think of those unable to leave their bed due to illness, or think of the Hawks soaring in the sky and feel their power! Make a list of everything and everyone dear to you! Then take Vivarin and drink coffee...your but will start moving and your mind will clear away the thoughts you have written!
    I think Jesus was tired of carrying that big wooden cross to die on for our sins...please gain strength and love life each day.

    Reviewed by Lois Christensen 2/18/2009 I think I understand you, everyone gets tired too,some friends do slap you on the back or go behind your back, do not surrender, get that fighting will back,men can cry do it if you need to,. You can feel you just maybe think right now you can't, You can be a strong person, get that tired feeling out of your system. and be on the way to finding some happiness. Keep your spirits up, it is important you do this too.

    Reviewed by S H 1/7/2009
    Poetry is the best way to heal and express pain. I know that better than (almost) any person. Good job!

    Reviewed by William Etch 10/23/2008
    this is an amazing poem. it describes what i've been feeling for years. thank you for letting me see a bit of myself in words. for a breath of peace. thank you.

    Reviewed by Axilea Uzumcuoglu 12/12/2007 Expressed with honesty and just the right words. No masks.
    Society expects us to be at our best, always. Although these are difficult moments, we have a right to fragility, fatigue, even depression. This is often seen as an illness, but it does have a function; it's more like a symptom that is telling us something. Your layout reflects the state you are in, very suitable for the content. And I agree with Jackie's advice too...

    Reviewed by Kimmy Van Kooten 10/8/2007 Read "Muddy Dispositions"... that outta cure ya! :0 I've know how you feel, sometimes...

    Reviewed by Flying Fox Ted L Glines 8/25/2007 Dang! That just about says it all, Dave. Ha! Me and my Kentucky Buddy were talking about the mistake we both made when we were born - we had obviously bought a ticket to the wrong world! Maybe, next time around, we will just hang out in the afterlife train station and watch all those other idiots boarding their trains.

    Reviewed by Jackie (Micke) Jinks 5/25/2005 Sometimes, a good many nights of eight hours sleep helps; and I don't mean that facetiously... really. A tired body is a tired mind; a time when we have doubts about ourselves and others, and cannot rationalize the "small" things. In the scope of our total lives, so much is really "small" things. Don't allow others to mold your thoughts and feelings; it's only important for YOU to know who, what you are.
    I learned all this when aging :o)

    Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 5/14/2005 I hear you loud and clear. This is me, frequently--read "Worn Out," I think we are on the same page. Trying to get myself out of this mood, but...I'm tired.

    Reviewed by Regis Auffray 5/7/2005
    Sometimes I am tired of the whole "world scene," Dave. So I can totally relate to this. Thank you. Love, peace, and strength to you.

  3. Still more...

    Reviewed by A Serviceable Villain 5/2/2005 Very profound and well-versed ... a great message here - excellent!!

    Reviewed by Linda Hill 4/30/2005
    Dave, I have felt this way so many, many times. You have
    spoken for many. Just hold on to the faith. We are survivors.

    Reviewed by Gwen Dickerson 4/30/2005 Well stated Dave! There are those times when the same situations and problems drain and sadden us. Times when our efforts seem uneffective and our dreams elude us. Perhaps a change of situation or location might be of help. A new hobby, vacation or a new "face" can be very refreshing.

    Reviewed by jude forese 4/29/2005
    Dave, sometimes we have to look in other directions to refresh our souls ... keep searching ...

    Reviewed by Cathrine Hottran 4/29/2005 well penned!

    Reviewed by C. McGovern-Bowen 4/29/2005 time to commune with nature and clear thy head, rest thy body and nourish thy soul, Dave! know this feeling all too well... engaging write!

    Reviewed by Paul Williams 4/29/2005
    Hang in there Dave, I hope it passes my friend.

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 4/29/2005
    Oh I think I can relate to this... Although I still want to go on, on, on... even if I am down, down, down!!

    Reviewed by J. Allen Wilson 4/28/2005 I’m tired of being “strong,” i’m weak, i’m fragile, I see from the other comments Dave, that most have either arrived or will soon arrive to this point. I know that I can relate to this in the extreme. I wish that I knew the answer for us all. One day at a time sir...one day at a time.

    Reviewed by Ed Matlack 4/28/2005
    Old age does it to ya, Dave, but if you ask me, when a friend stabs ya, just turn around and tell them to stab you in front as you want to see who does it...Hope you get some sleep soon...;)

  4. And some more...

    Reviewed by Tracey L. O' Very 4/28/2005 Dave, this is excellent!
    I can so relate to this poem. This is so powerful, emotional, and truly speaks loudly even though written softly, of the selfishness and lack of consideration and inabilities to reach out and offer a helping hand' of others for one overwhelmed that is often known and seen so clearly. I love the form and the way you've written every feeling here.

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 4/28/2005
    Dave, people who have compassionate hearts and are always reaching out to others, always seem to be taken for granted. They extend themselves so much become worn out and frazzled, while those they cared for hardly notice most times. But then, isn't that what Jesus did!?! I hope it will pass soon, and I'll second your prayer,that He will give you an abundance of good health energy and the will to begin again.In the meantime. Take a rest;-)

    Reviewed by F William Broome 4/28/2005 Is there an answer Are we smart enough to know that we try too much, go too fast, expect too much, and convince ourselves that we must do these things this way - or God, or the authorities, or the IRS or the boogey man will get us! To Hell with break-neck living!!!

    Reviewed by Henry Stevens 4/28/2005
    Dave, excellent poem expressing a feeling that is becoming common-at least I read it in others poems, and I feel it myself. I do not know the answer, but you serve yourself well, and other too, by putting it in words.

    Reviewed by L. Figgins 4/28/2005
    You have needs, too. It's time to attend to you. You've been 'hanging in there' too long. Your body and psyche are screaming for rest and renewal. Find a way. If only one weekend off by yourself in nature. I recently went through this. Let go of the unessentials. Just let go. You will be ready to face it again.

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 4/28/2005
    Hey Dave you already beat the worst demon in your life you can in my mind no doubt tackle what ever else comes along.

    Reviewed by Judy Lloyd 4/28/2005
    We all get this way Dave and yes I felt that way last week and before. Sometimes I get real tired of decent guys dying in a hospital somewhere while the scum bags walk around with the rich lawyers. But anyway you hang in there because people do care about you.

    Reviewed by Pier Tyler 4/28/2005
    In all our adversities, HOPE is what keeps us going. Just when we are about to give up, Hope says wait until tomorrow. Hang in there!

    Reviewed by Jerry Bolton 4/28/2005
    If it is any comfort, and it probably won't be, but we all travel that "tired" road from time to time.

    Reviewed by Sue Hess 4/28/2005
    I hope it is just a passing thing Dave