14 February 2011

What am I doing for me today?

In all honesty... who cares? I mean is what I'm doing today have a direct result on my sobriety or my program? No it doesn't. It has nothing to do with anything except making myself feel good about myself and maybe starting a competition with others.

Whatever I did today was special just to me and no one else and sharing it, in a way makes the program MY program. If I did something and gloat about it, then you need to do something better to show that your program is better then mine.

So, does it matter what I did today? In reality... no it doesn't and asking such is more counter productive to recovery then helpful. The fact is the most productive day in recovery is doing nothing. A day where I get close to my Higher Power and do nothing else.

Now how can I share that experience? I can't because it is personal and after all the 12 Step Program is very personal.

Which also means the same thing when folks ask what you are thankful or grateful for? All that needs to be said is Higher Power and nothing else. The reality is... everything I am grateful for is because it was given to me by my Higher Power and without my Higher Power none of it would happen... or at least I wouldn't be grateful for it.

So today... I did nothing for me and I am grateful my Higher Power gave me the Program to realize that is how it should be... at least for me.


  1. Wonderful post and insight Dave, absolutely spot on, Ty Joel

  2. Bwahahahahahahahahaha! How many million time have I read that post subject and thought just that! Good one Dave!


  3. Me too ! It really p****s me off. "What did I do for somebody else?" might be a nice idea sometimes!!!! LOL!!! Argh! When I see that post title it makes me cringe. So self-obsessed. Argh!!!!!