20 February 2011

It is OK to just be

My goodness… my first update for the year and one month is nearly done already. I apologize for that. It just has been very hectic since I’ve returned from England.

My full-time employment is with a bakery. And the winter time is our slow time. My job is with research and development and right now is where the sales department shows my new cakes to potential clients.

Well I haven’t been around to be making these samples and when I finally did get to work my case load was huge. The first set of cakes, eleven different varieties went out this past week. So a little pressure has been relieved but I am far from being
caught up.

Keeping with my work load, myself and eleven other employees just got done with a HACCP workshop, which was quite informative, but my mind is kind of getting to the point of being numb.

And finally, with work, I have been taking some continuing education courses. The ultimate goal of these courses is to become a “Master Baker.”

Before Christmas I finished the first section with an 89 average. To pass I needed a 70, so I passed with flying colors. After I got back I started on the next section and just got done with that, this time with an 84. Two courses down and two courses to go.

With all this mental work that I’ve been doing I am just exhausted. I usually go to a meeting on weekends, but the last two I have just relaxed at home and enjoyed the silence.

Then when I have some energy, in the back of my mind has been thoughts of this site. I guess I could have just gave a simple update and got on with things… at the very least take off everything that said “Merry Christmas” on the front page.

Through this all… my trip to England, my mental as well as physical activity I have stayed sober by something I have always believed in – HALT. My chances for having a slip rise dramatically when I am “H”ungry, “A”ngry, “L”onely, or “T”ired.

I am never lonely. I really am not. I enjoy my own company and my Higher Power is always with me. And being on my own… anger has disappeared. So it is down to hungry and tired. And they are my major concerns.

At airports I always found something to eat and drink and now back at home, being tired is fine. I just relax and remember a wonderful vacation…

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