28 January 2011

All because of a drunk

That's right... this thing that we call recovery... whether it is from alcoholism, drugs, sex, gambling... whether we belong to overeaters, or adult children... it was all started by one drunk...

One drunk man who wanted to quit drinking... so he asked another drunk man for help. These two drunks started a global movement with 12 Steps. Today over 300 different support groups use those 12 Steps as the model for their programs.

January 27th is the day that Bill Wilson passed away... forty years ago today... Scott Pick once said when people think back to the 20th century they won't remember nuclear fusion they will remember Alcoholics Anonymous. That is a heck of a statement.

And it was all because of a drunk... and a wife who believed in him through the worst of times... she didn't detach and abandoned him to die alone... she detached and loved him...

Lois taught us to hate the disease and not the person... sadly folks who act like they have a strong program hate the person because of the disease... and sadly are proud of it...

Bill's Obituary

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  1. It can be so difficult to hate the disease and not the person. Sometimes though I think the only thing remaining when things get too abusive or painful is to leave that person and if that means having to leave them to die alone.....
    I speak as an AA, Alanon and an Acoa.
    I have found recovery in the 12 Steps. I believe my problem is a 'thinking' one. I try to remember that when faced with difficult behaviour from another. I try to understand.
    Love your site Dave. Love its raw honesty.
    Blessings to you!