10 January 2011


That is about how I feel. Wore out, but extremely satisfied and happy as well as thankful to my Higher Power for giving me the courage to go on my trip to England. In the past I would have found a million and one excuses as to why I couldn't go. This time though I decided not to listen to those voices and just enjoy the time I had.

I have always looked at sobriety as kind of a job. Something to be taken seriously... pay my bills... keep everything in order and keep things as straight as possible. Why can't I take sobriety seriously, but also enjoy it as well? When I drank I had no chance of doing any of this stuff... now that I can why not enjoy it all?

That is my goal for the rest of my life... to enjoy it... last year I made some major moves to simply my life and this year more of the same will take place. The simpler it is then the more I can do. Which is what I wrote about with my "Tired of Being Owned" series.

Anyway, here is a video with some photos from my journey... early on you will see snow on the ground... by the end of three weeks all the snow was gone and look at how green it was. Hard to believe it was late December, early January.


  1. Wow! Dave ! That trip is no more than you deserve. I have loved reading about it. Your HP has blessed you richly and there is no-one more deserving. Thank you for all you have passed on and continue to pass on through your writings.
    Linda R.

  2. England looks awesome!