24 May 2009

The Universal Laws of Serendipity and Synchronicity

These two laws are kind of interwoven into each other. And in a nutshell they say that one act leads to another - some call it chance others would say it is a spiritual event. I’ve talked about these laws before on my web site, but I’ve been experiencing them quite a bit lately.

It started on our vacation back east. My first visit on my “home turf” in 20 years. I saw my brother, Rich, for the first time in 14 years. I seen another brother, Mike, for the first time in 20 years. And I saw my old college buddy - Cush. It was our first get together in over six years. Everything was fresh and new and it all seemed to be “in order.”

When we got home, didn’t think to much about it. We had a lot to do. Paint the house and yard work needed to be done, before I dug into a major remodeling project in our house. Anyway, Betty and I were nearing the end of our painting, sitting on our butts, scraping paint off our front porch. Getting it ready to paint. We were having idle chatter, just trying to make this “bad job” go a little faster.

From across the yard toward my back came “Well Dave, how you doing?” I sat startled for a moment and there stood VB. My very first backbone in AA and one of my many sponsors. The last time I seen him was exactly 10 years and one day. That last time was at an AA meeting in Utica before I moved away.

Another great visit, which made me realize I need to go back to my “sober roots” in Seward, NE. He did say the main meeting he goes to is on Thursdays in Milford - well soon… very soon, I’ll be making another road trip - though it is a lot less miles then going to Jersey. Instead of 3,300 miles round trip, this one will be 120 miles.

What lies ahead? Just part of the journey…

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