25 May 2009


Due to my continuing growth on the ‘net, I receive more and more e-mails from different sites and blogs. For the most part they are quite pleasant to read and I have developed friendships with some of these people. But one, is a nut! I’m not saying it jokingly like Barney Fife said about Earnest T. Bass. I say it in all seriousness.

He professes to be “a gift to all people.” He spreads the message of hate and insecurity by using the Bible. To label myself as an alcoholic - I am a beast. I am preaching a message of the anti-Christ. As a beast I have set up myself up for an eternity in hell. So by this person’s “prophecy” I am doomed to a lifetime in hell.
There were other prophets like this 8-ball and most of them will go down in history as brainwashed idiots. I can think of Waco and the fiery end to that Messiah. Or Jonestown where kool-aid was the drink of the day. Yup, you are a gift to all people. At least in your own mind.

By using your own arguments about being a beast - wouldn’t a “Christian” be labeled as a beast? Jesus Christ never said He was a Christian - man did. So by your own definition all Christians are marked for eternity in hell…

You go on to say that Bill Wilson was a manic depressive person who has “hoodwinked” people into believing in the 12 steps and the Big Book. How did he “hoodwink” people? He gave them a solution to a life of sobriety, which originally was founded through the Bible. I, too, am a depressed person. I would guess to believe that 90-95% of all addicts are depressed people.

The 12 steps and meetings have shown these people they are not alone. There are others who are like them. Their choice in recovery is whether AA has for them what they want or not. NO ONE is forced to remain a “member” of the program. NO ONE is forced to follow a specific plan. When reading the 12 steps it says “these steps are suggested.”

NO ONE is forced not to attend a church of their choosing. It is their choice, which is the greatest gift God has given each and everyone of us.

I stopped by your blog today, and read some of your garbage. I find it kind of comical that a “gift to all people” lists his main interest as Roman Catholic. I, too, was raised as a Catholic. And I find it hard to accept that someone who professes to be a “gift to all people” can support a religion who takes money from its followers to pay court costs and settlements from its “leaders.” Talk about being “hoodwinked.”

AA is a spiritual program, not a religious one. It gives a blueprint on how to live life in this world. Religion prepares us for the next world. I, myself, don’t care about the next life at this time. Mainly because my struggle is just surviving today. I believe that if I can live a life of peace then I will be accepted in the next life.

I also believe that God is about unconditional love. No matter what we do we will find our way to Heaven. That is God’s wish. By labeling people and judging them, you have created a God who judges. Then that would make Him insecure in His own existence.

The only gift to all people is God. Not some bushwhacker hiding in a book. If you can’t find God in the beauty of a sunrise, if you can’t find God in the eyes of a child, if you can’t find God in all living things, then you certainly won’t find God in a book of religion.


  1. I have a good friend who is Christian. Although we do not share the same beliefs, we are very tolerant of one another. I have experienced many of the fanatics to which you refer. They scare me. Great description of how AA is not religion. You encapsulated what I love the most about the program. Thanks!

  2. Dear Dave,
    I'm sorry if some of my comments were shaming & judgmental!

    God Bless You