26 May 2009

Coincidence? I don't think so...

I’d like to share a story with you, that has given me goose bumps, a nervous stomach, and filled me with a lot of excitement. The one thing that I have always loved about AA is the spirituality of it all and my own belief that nothing happens by coincidence…

14 years ago I tried to quit drinking to please the courts and to save my marriage. I did end up pleasing the courts but I lost my family. I lost my wife, three step-children, and my daughter. But something happened along the way and while I lost my family, I decided that this sober life was worth living.

And I hoped and prayed that somewhere down the road I would be re-united with my step-children and my daughter. Time moved on and except for a rare occasion I was basically cut out of their lives. Which I came to accept because I had let them down so many times in the past. And I’m sure they were tired of getting hurt and I couldn’t blame them one bit.

But I kept believing that someday they would want to talk and the best thing I could do for them was be sober when that time arrived. Well, this past week my Higher Power has told me that this time is approaching. First, I received a letter from my daughter. We haven’t spoken in over eight years. It was a very warm letter and I began to say prays that maybe… just maybe it was time.

Then today, a trucker came into our business and found me. He introduced himself and told me he was my daughter’s father-in-law. We talked about my daughter, two grandkids I never met, and a son-in-law I never met. Then we made tentative plans for “our” families to meet on July 4th. He told me that my daughter talks about me quite a bit.

So tonight, I’m writing my daughter a letter… and… God-willing a bridge will be rebuilt. Miracles happen… if we just let it happen in His time.

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