28 April 2019

Listening To Silence

Through the years, if you have read these pages, you have come to recognize that when I speak of Silence, I speak about my Higher Power. This deity does not need to constantly speak or be spoken about to be understood.

Whether you learned about your God through a book of religion or through word of mouth, that Being doesn’t constantly bombard you with the same message over and over again. We learn as children that stealing was wrong. Well, as a child I stole and I learned that those actions lead to serious consequences. The thing about it though, was I knew stealing was wrong, so I didn’t need to be told again how wrong it was. I had a choice and made it. Yes, it was the wrong choice but I made it and lived with it.

Silence taught me how to respect others and to love my neighbours. Yes, I read it in a book. Yet, it didn’t matter where the lesson was learned, all that mattered it was taught and didn’t need to be repeated over and over again.

I believe we learn when we are silent, not when we are talking. Not when we are belittling or knifing someone in the back. I was recently sent a video from a former place of employment. There was a mention about my job while I was employed there. I wasn’t mentioned specifically but I noticed that in the three years since I left, not one new product has been introduced. Granted, I know that some of these products were “reinvented” to fit in with a more greener-healthier generation than those of the past.

I know for awhile three people tried doing the job I did and was told by one how it had evolved into a circus. Much of nothing getting accomplished. They got to see first hand how much people criticized your work, yet to succeed, you needed to be silent, take mental notes and try again.

One of the biggest people to belittle me and stab me in the back was one of the people who tried to do the job I was doing. Karma is a bitch! It came back and stabbed that person in the back. That person got to hear the critiques and the ridicule of others and that person maybe listened but would have never remained silent.

Towards the end of my employment with that company I began to become bitter, mainly because of the lack of respect I was shown. I still listened to Silence and realized that I couldn’t change anything. I had no control and my voice had become silent due to the constant stabs in the back.

I do believe most of these stabbings were done because of insecurity and jealously. If these same people would have listened to the Silence, they would have realized that I wasn’t a threat. I wasn’t after their jobs or their place in the organization, I was just trying to carve out my own little place in that same company.

Sadly, I do feel a bit happy about what they went through. They learned what I went through with very little support from those I considered co-workers. Yet, today I listened to the Silence and realize that this Silence has filled me with love and respect. If not from others at least from myself.

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