28 April 2019

Day One

We waited behind closed doors,
Not sure, what the future had in store.
In our silence,all we could do was think
It seemed like the walls,began to shrink
The doctor came in,
Joining my partner and me.
The results of the biopsy,
He'd let us see.
"It's cancer," is all he'd say.
I really don't remember,
Much else from that day.

He talked of a surgery - ASAP.
Then we'd know, what it'd take,
To be cancer-free.
Dreaded words - chemo and radiation,
I didn't want to hear.
Schedules being set,
For the rest of the year.
He talked of stages, and survival rates.
But he really wanted a commitment,
For a surgery date.

Only twenty minutes had past,
But our lives changed forever,
So very, very fast!
I sat numb and in shock,
Emotions were getting harder,
To keep under lock.
Tears broke free, like a stormy sea.
What would happen to my partner and me?

We left the clinic knowing,
The day was far from done.
The hard part was coming ...
Telling daughters and sons.
We realized more fears,
And got to see, a lot more tears.
We told the children,
The battle would be fought.
That we would survive ...
With faith, love and support!
Already drained, the battle begun,
Then we realized ... it was still ...
... Only ... Day One.

This poem is part of the Purple Power CD

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