23 April 2019

Bye-bye Creating Dreams

In July of 2019, Creating Dreams will have been up and running for the last 15 years. And while the audience has remained loyal and true the time has come to evaluate where are we going from here. Damaged Merchandise has been ready for publication for over a year but I just haven’t put the final touches on it. War Zone is further away but has been started for its second release. While the two CD’s are moving along at a slow but steady pace.

The hard part has been the website. It is managed by Yahoo Small Business, now under the name of Aabaco Small Business, and while they are quite good at taking money from me every month to keep the site active, they offer very little support.

Two years ago Yahoo (Aabaco) had their e-mail servers hacked and my business account was one of the ones that has been hacked. So some contacts quite chatting with me through that e-mail account and instead we went to Facebook for our talks.

Recently though Yahoo said they were upgrading the business so while I was excited with the possible changes I was also quite sceptical. So the changes came and my business e-mail disappeared. With this all my email contacts disappeared. All my business emails as well as some very private emails disappeared.

I sent a notice about this to the support teams and was told they couldn’t fix it and they’d send it to the next higher group to fix it. Well two more notices later and nothing is being done, in fact, they aren’t even talking to me.

So with this in mind, maybe my Higher Power is speaking to me and saying it is time to go. So in early June Creating Dreams will disappear from the web. I’ll still be active with this blog, twitter, and Facebook.

In fact, I’ll probably be more active. Creating Dreams hasn’t been the same since Yahoo (Aabaco) was hacked and I lost a lot of support because of it. Now is the time to say good-bye to a horrible web server and a big hello to a new audience and welcome back to old friends...

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