23 March 2016

No More Fries?

My continuing education with learning the English language.  It's easy at times, while at other times it is extremely frustrating.  It can be quite different from the American language...

Chips!!! No longer fries
so then what are chips?
Crisps!!! No longer fries

Garden's are more then flowers and veggies
They're grass… patios… and barbecues
a place to kick off the shoes and relax

Fahrenheit is gone… centigrade is hip
still learning if it is hot or cold outside
still haven't burnt anything in the oven

everyone knows about the middle finger
yet there is worse
be careful how you use two fingers

all year the grass is green
being so far north… yet snow shovels never appear
December and January… the flowers are blooming

cars that steer on the right and drive on the left
and buses are double-deckers
383, 384… we'll get me where I need to go

the quick cheeseburger replaced with fish and chips
eat while you walk… in the park… waiting for a bus
everywhere is a restaurant

we both have pennies… then things change
cents become pence
and a buck becomes a quid… yet bucks never become quids

the English language
the American language
so much alike… yet so different

the English culture
the American culture
so much alike… yet so different

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