11 November 2015

I'm Still Tired

One poem that I wrote that so many people could relate to was the poem I'm Tired.  It was a very honest poem about the physical and emotional state of mind I was in at that time.

The poem since then has taken on a life of its own. It is seen on numerous websites, blogs, message boards, and forums. Recently it has found a new venue being united with different photographs, to help bring a picture to life.  And it is one of the masterpieces on the CD 12

It has amazed me how many people have been able to relate to it. Trying to build on that emotion, this is the "sequel" to that poem.

This is the sequel to that poem and is named I'm Still Tired...

I'm wore out... burned out... tired
I dream... for just one day...
of peace... quiet... restful sleep
hands cover my eyes... I just weep

I'm just so tired...
this ain't life... ain't death either
just a numb state of confusion
where stress and responsibility become one

I forgot how it feels
to be alive... without worry
I stare... at what... I don't know
I'm numb... defeated... tired

I wish I could cry
to let others know I'm scared
the mind is in overdrive
trying to find answers

I'm tired of the questions
just want to run away
everyday I die a little bit
and I don't stop it

I'm tired of being tired
mentally drained
physically weak
I just don't care

I'm tired of asking for help
I'm tired of begging and pleading
I'm tired of hoping for a day...
that will never come

I am so damn tired...

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