01 December 2013


I am not  a gardener but I imagine that  snowdrops flourish in the Winter? Maybe that's just  my crazy  logic, but  it  is what  I have always assumed!

Well !!  This Snowdrop is not currently flourishing this Winter...she is wilting!!!  She is worn out !

Had a traumatic time a couple of months ago and was forced to rest  - rest alot!!!!  Put  myself  in my Doctor's caring hands and rested!

 It  actually felt good to be 'powerless' over quite a few things that I would normally try to control or  feel I had to do for others! I was completely powerless. I had no energy to take on other people's stuff. Was having a tough enough time dealing with my own!

I want and need to regain that 'feeling'. It  felt  good. It  reminded me I am nobody else's Higher Power. That  is not  my  job.

It's God's.

Blessings, Snowie.

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Dave Harm said...

Oh Snowie,

Traumatic times have a way of making us stronger, not physically but spiritually and mentally.

And as you have seen and witnessed there is power in being powerless...